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Ooh la la

So, this is the second time I've written in my journal in four months' time. Make that five months. And both topics relate to France. So, I must've been French in a past life or something.

Seriously, though. Today, I created a French Pandora station (which I've called Croissant Radio, btw). I have a couple of quirky-cute French songs thumbs-upped on another station, and one came on today, and I decided I wanted to hear more music like that. Clickity-click, and an hour later, I'm still sitting here with a goofy smile on my face and tapping my toes to these cheeky tunes. I love it.

Just yesterday, I told Rory that she should be a mime for Halloween next year. Black & white striped shirt, black pants, white gloves, black beret, and adorably painted face. Oh, and a sign that says "Bonjour! Trick-or-treat!" so she doesn't speak when she goes door to door (that will be the REAL challenge, duh).

I'm craving baguettes, and brie, and chocolate, and champagne. And I've never had one, but I'd love to eat some of those beautifully colored macarons I've been seeing all over the internets.

Mon dieu!

Wanna go to Paris?

I've been to Paris before.

Well, Paris, IDAHO. (population 500 and change)

One of my favorite blogs, Oh Happy Day, is giving away a trip to Paris! Not Paris, Idaho, but the totally legit Paris, FRANCE! Mr. Roo and I just applied for our passports, so don't you think this is a perfect time to get an awesome European stamp on them? I mean, it's cool and all to have a Canadian stamp on your passport, but it's not so glamorous to admit that the stamp will come from a one day port in Vancouver (or is it Victoria?) on an Alaskan cruise later this summer.

Anyhooters, visit Oh Happy Day, specifically this post:

... to learn more about this fantastic giveaway.

I took two years of French in high school. I'd say it's time to put those skills to use!

well hello there

I've had all this time on my hands the last few weeks, so why haven't I been writing? Question of the year. Or at least the month. Okay, maybe just this week.

So, why all the free time? I got my toes operated on! Finally.

I had surgery two weeks ago, on May 3. A slightly different surgical experience, in a couple of ways. Geez, I sound like I'm a surgical pro, but I guess I have been around the Operating Room a time or two. So, this surgery took place at a really nice surgical center, not at a hospital. The pre/post-op areas have recliners instead of beds, and all of the staff was really, really nice. My nurse and I share a birthday, and my anesthesiologist looked like Santa Claus. I was a bit surprised that the operating gowns were as papery as they were, but I just figured it was because they were disposable.

After getting prepped for surgery, which included a "yes" and "no" marking on my legs to indicate the proper appendage to work on (way to cover your bases!), I walked into the OR and situated myself on the bed. It was COLD in there (typical), so they gave me a warm blanket. But, it was thin, and I was thinking to myself "They said they were going to keep me warm!" The next thing I know, Santa Claus gives me something that looks like a dryer hose with warm air coming out of it. He told me to hold onto it for a minute while he administered my anesthesia. He put the awesome dreamy-time stuff in my IV, and I could feel it right away. He told me to pick out a really nice dream, and then he took the dryer hose, and hooked it into a valve my operating gown - so cool! I had this constant stream of warm air to keep me warm! Of course, ten seconds later, I was completely unconscious, and didn't have much time to fully appreciate how rad that really was.

When I woke up a couple hours later, I had a hella case of the shivers, which is typical with anesthesia and me. They warmed me up and then wheeled me back to my recliner, where Jason was waiting for me. He told me the waiting area was really nice, and that he'd created a foursquare check-in for Lewis-Clark Orthopaedic Associates. Some toast and juice were scarfed down (I hadn't eaten since the night before), and they wheeled me to the exit. Jason chauffered me to pick up my narcotics (hello, hydro), and then took me home where I proceeded to spend the next few days in a bit of a haze.

Thankfully, I had that hydrocodone because, holy crap you guys, bone pain HURTS. Way more than any other muscular pain, or pain from incisions. But, after a few days, the pain lightened up, and I weaned myself off the hydro. I could see how that could be a little too easy to like. I went back to the dr. last Monday, and they changed my dressing and took some x-rays. I'm not sure I was prepared for how ugly my foot was going to look. Swelling, bruising, oh, and FOUR incisions. Yikes.

When they removed my old dressing, my big toe was sticking out almost in the opposite direction of my other toes, mostly because my big toe had a whole bunch of bandaging around it. I could've hitch hiked with that thing! They wrapped it with fewer bandages, and my foot is slowly going back to normal. Which feels weird. I would imagine it's like when you have braces and get them tightened. How it hurts for a bit, but then feels normal.

Have I mentioned I've not been allowed to put any weight on my foot? No walking, no driving, nada. It's been a bit of a tough pill to swallow, because I'm a pretty independent gal, and I don't like being at the mercy of others. I've been able to bathe pretty much every day, and I've even managed a few showers, thanks to some awesome dressing covers my sister sent to me. I prefer the super awesome scooter to clumsy crutches. I go back to the dr. tomorrow - hopefully to get my stitches out! And, I'm also going back to work on Thursday. I've been working half days since a few days after surgery, but I've been able to work mostly from home, which has been nice. I do some work, then take a nap. I do some work, then eat some lunch, then take a nap. I could get used to this :)

Anyhoo, that's about all that's new in my hood. I have a bionic foot now. Sweet.

Oh, and Jason is now the foursquare mayor of Lewis Clark Orthopaedic Associates.

30 in 30 - part 30

Well, time to wrap this sucker up.

Joe wanted to know if I had any old mix tapes hiding out. In fact, I don't. I did my fair share of mix tape making in my adolescence, and it usually involved scouring all the cds I owned (or my dad, or my sister) for ballads. They were probably quite horrible.

The closest thing to a mix tape I have is when Jason surprised me on my 30th birthday with a cd he burned of all the mp3's off my old computer that had died. It involved him hooking up the hard drive to a working computer and moving the files over. A labor of love so that I can listen to all the Aqua, Vengaboys and other cheesy pop, plus some other awesome stuff. It's now housed in my itunes, and we rock out (well, do stupid dances ...) to some of it with the kiddos now and then.

And SSB wanted to know how the Mister and I met. Long story short, we met on the internet, pre when meeting people on the internet was somewhat scandalous. We met on IRC, when you used to be identified with an email address when you entered a chat room. I noticed Jason's email address, and we started chatting. One day, he and another fella from Idaho came down to visit me in southern Idaho. I thought Jason was super charming and pretty cute. Jason thought I liked the other guy. He kissed me for the first time on my 19th birthday, and the rest is history.

After we met, the rest of our courting path was fairly traditional. When I moved up to northern Idaho, Jason's dad came down with him and met my family before loading up all my stuff and taking me home with them. That was back in the day when all my worldly possessions would fit in the back of a pickup. We were engaged (near the same spot where we shared our first smooch) after dating for nine months, and married a year from the day we got engaged. This June, we will celebrate our 15th anniversary. He's a good fella, and I am a lucky girl.

And there you have it. 30 in 30 (or 60, but who's counting?). Did you learn stuff about me that you didn't know before?

30 in 30 - part 29

Story behind one of my scars:

bare bones

It has faded over the years, but I have a scar in the middle of my forehead, right near the top. I think I was three when it happened. One of my brothers was playing little league, and I was crawling around on the bleachers. I lost my footing and fell from the top bleacher and hit my head on a metal garbage can. I ended up with a nice little gash that bled. My oldest brother walked me all the way to my grandma's house, which was a good six blocks away.

So I had a giant scab on my forehead. I was little. I picked it. All. The. Time. So I ended up with a nice scar on my forehead. I called it a dent.

And over 30 years later, it's still there.


last 30 in 30 post

So, the last 30 in 30 topic is open for suggestions.

What do you think? Anything you want to know?

30 in 30 - part 27

First book/movie/song that moved you:

Oh geez. To be "moved" by something doesn't mean I have to have cried, right? So, here are a list of media things that have "moved" me:

Movies - The first movie I watched obsessively: Adventures in Babysitting
Movie I can nearly quote from start to finish: Pretty Woman
Movie that I will cry every time I watch it, without fail: Toy Story 3

Songs - First song Jason and I sang together in the car: Out of Tears by the Rolling Stones
Song we sang with the kids, loudly at times: High Enough by the Damn Yankees
Song that I hope Rory and I will sing together forever and ever: Pokerface (Glee cover)

Books - when I was in college, I told my good friend Jen that the best book I'd read was The Chamber, by John Grisham. She told me I needed to get my ass to the library and check out some books. I read Jane Eyre, I tried to read The Shipping News, and I read The Bean Trees (Barbara Kingsolver). And then I read The Poisonwood Bible (Barbara Kingsolver). All these books moved me in some way. So I owe Jennifer Warnick a big Thank You for making me put down the crime lit and start reading REAL books. (Now excuse me while I go read another Castle book ... hah!)


30 in 30 - part 26

A photo from 10 years ago:

So, I'm in a bit of a quandary. 2001 was pre-digital camera for us, so I don't have many pictures from around then. So, I'll add two and show you a photo circa-1999.

Aww, we were such cute kids, weren't we?

I actually really love this picture. It's still on display in our living room!


30 in 30 - part 25

A trait I deplore in others:

I really really REALLY dislike when people cop a "holier than thou" attitude, and the disrespect that comes with it.

Don't think that just because you get most of your shirts pressed at the dry cleaners you've got one leg up on me. Because, really, those legs of yours go in your pants one at a time, just like mine. Unless I'm wearing a skirt, duh.

So really, drop the attitude. It just makes you look like an asshole, which you probably are. I like to live in a world of sunshine and cupcakes, where everyone loves each other. Stop harshing my mellow!


30 in 30 - part 24

Celebrity crush:

Nathan Fillion. Oh, Castle.

This is totally okay, because I think Jason has a man crush on him too.


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